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Blissh | UX Made Simple.

Blissh is an innovative UX design platform that streamlines the research process using advanced AI technology to enhance productivity for professionals.


Blissh aims to automate the entire UX process from a single text prompt, effectively visualizing AI-generated data for UX methods and standardizing structures for all UX research methodologies. The project focuses on developing an interface that facilitates this automation and presents data in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Additionally, Blissh aims to identify the most effective ways to present User Research Data generated by AI to enhance usability for UX professionals..

Scope of work

Design, Development and Deployment of Complete Product.


2 Members


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio Code


Next.js, Typescript, Vercel, Auth0, Tailwind CSS, MongoDB, Prisma, PineCone

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My Role / Contribution

As the Developer and UX Designer for the Blissh project, my responsibilities include:
- Overseeing the coding and development of the Blissh platform, including setting up and integrating the development environment and ensuring the technical architecture supports AI-driven UX processes.
- Implementing features that automate the UX process from text prompts, focusing on functionality and scalability, using a modern tech stack comprising Next.js, Typescript, Vercel, Auth0, Tailwind CSS, MongoDB, Prisma, and PineCone.
- Leading the frontend development with Next.js and Tailwind CSS to create a responsive and aesthetically pleasing user interface.
- Utilizing Typescript to enforce type safety across the application, reducing bugs and enhancing developer productivity.
- Configuring and managing our deployment on Vercel for seamless integration and continuous delivery.
- Implementing robust authentication mechanisms with Auth0 to ensure secure user access and data protection.
- Developing the backend with MongoDB and Prisma, optimizing data handling and facilitating smooth data operations.
- Leveraging PineCone vector embeddings for handling complex data queries efficiently, enhancing the overall performance of Blissh.
- Managing the iterative design process, refining designs based on user feedback, usability testing results, and best practices in UX design.
- Creating the site map and logo guidelines to ensure consistent branding and navigation coherence.
User Experience Design:
- Gathering and synthesizing UX research findings from various methodologies like surveys, interviews, and usability tests to derive insights that directly inform our development and design strategies.
- Working with Himaja Namala on interviewing and survey synthesis to use these insights for further development and design enhancements.
- Using synthesized insights to recommend improvements, ensuring the user experience aligns with user needs, and helping standardize the presentation of UX research data.
Project Collaboration:
- Ensuring effective communication within our team and with our advisors, providing regular updates during team meetings.
- Collaborating closely with my project teammate and advisors to adapt our project plans based on ongoing feedback and the evolution of our project.
User Testing and Feedback:
- Attended Critique Session to gather critical feedback from UX professionals, analyzing this feedback to identify common issues or areas for improvement, and incorporating this feedback into subsequent design iterations.