Creative Code

Through my journey into creative coding, I've explored the boundaries of art and technology with p5.js. I worked on a few projects that meld imagination with code, offering a captivating blend of interactivity and visualization.


This is a simple p5.js project I worked on where you can interact with a 3D cupcake. Adjust the X and Y axis to see how it changes. It's a basic exploration into creative coding and 3D manipulation.

Growing Trees - Fractals

In this straightforward p5.js endeavor, I dabbled with the concept of fractals to create interactive 'Growing Trees'. Users have the simple option to play or pause, observing the intriguing patterns and growth of these digital trees.


In this modest p5.js experiment, I explored the morphing of shapes to depict a 'Buildings Transition'. Users can personalize the experience by selecting the color theme for the city buildings—whether it's the vibrant pink city, the sleek night city, or the lively orange city, among others. It's a small peek into how shapes and colors can bring a digital cityscape to life.

Sound Wave Illustration

In this p5.js exploration titled 'Sound Wave Illustration', I've delved into the dynamic interplay between audio beats and visual representation. As the audio plays, observe how the sun's rays respond, fluctuating in intensity. Similarly, the circular glow surrounding the sun pulsates and shifts based on the rhythm and volume of the beats. To witness this harmonious dance of sound and visuals, simply click on 'Play' to get started.